domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Decision making...

If anybody read this lines sorry. I might appear like a grumpy old far, and I might be one… As a matter of fact I was grumpy since I was born, that is why I have got premature wrinkles between my eyebrows, even when I say they are there because of my myopia. Too bad!

Since I am an Internet user I suffer from the horrendous view of bad spelling, writing, grammar, style etc. of arrogant people who think they possess the TRUTH and fancy themselves as writers. And I don’t mean typing mistakes, although a little bit of care would be appreciated.

It is an international disease; I have seen it at least within Spanish speakers and English speakers. The way they use their own language is nearly criminal. How bad to see that in Forums, articles, messages in FACEBOOK, etc.

I remember all the hassle I had at school because the lack of tildes, commas, and other punctuation signs. I still now a day I can make the occasional mistake and when that occurs, I feel I would like to sink my head under the earth. What for?

I have made up my mind and I will write what I want, when I want, in the language I want. I don’t care the consequences or ridicule. I don’t care spelling or punctuation mistakes. After of what I have seen… Who bloody cares??? The search for perfection is causing me a lot of mental damage.

I would like to use this blog without self-censure, self-censure is something I had to put into practice for almost all my life and I had enough. I don’t think anybody is going to read this blog anyway… at least I have the pleasure to say what I think, just as hard as it is.

Take it or leave mate, amigo, friend, whatever… I am tired of being Ms. Goody-two-shoes!

I am going to have a bath and relax after taking this decision… I will come back with some thoughts about the invitation I have received through FACEBOOK for the School reunion event… after all these years and still I have some characters stuck in my throat, some ex-fellow students who, I am afraid, remain as stupendously moronic evil pieces of shit as almost 30 years ago.

They probably cannot read English anyway…

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